Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Reid Calls Frist's Bluff

Now this is what I'm talking about:
This fight is not about seven radical nominees; it's about clearing the way for a Supreme Court nominee who only needs 51 votes, instead of 60 votes. They want a Clarence Thomas, not a Sandra Day O'Connor or Anthony Kennedy or David Souter.  George Bush wants to turn the Senate into a second House of Representatives, a rubberstamp for his right wing agenda and radical judges.   That's not how America works.

I believe there are two options for avoiding the nuclear showdown, which so many of us believe is bad for the Senate, and bad for America.

But I want to be clear: we are prepared for a vote on the nuclear option. Democrats will join responsible Republicans in a vote to uphold the constitutional principle of checks and balances.
Now that's a minority leader with some guts. Harry Reid is essentially calling Frist out. This is what you do to a bully. Frist has been waving his finger and threatening to pull the nuclear trigger for weeks. It's getting old. So Reid did what I've been waiting for some Democrat to do to the GOP leadership since Howard Dean called out Bush on the war. As I wrote yesterday, if Frist had the votes, he'd have pulled the trigger. Popular opinion is against him. He's backed into a corner by his fundie base. Moderate Republicans are balking. And the facts don't support the GOP's claims. So what does Reid do?

He dares him to pull the trigger!

I love fighting Democrats. The nuclear option is a lose-lose for Frist. If he backs down, his fundies will get their undies in a bunch. If he pulls the trigger and loses the vote, his political aspirations are over and the GOP is dealt a nasty blow. If he pulls the trigger and wins the vote, look for the GOP to be swept out of office in 2006 as not even rigged Diebolt machines are going to save them. And now, Reid has upped the ante by publicly calling his bluff!

Billy "playground bully" Frist is in a hard patch to be certain now. Pass the popcorn!