Friday, April 22, 2005

The Donnybrook in DuPage!

I love a good fight. Especially when it's the other side beating themselves up!

In this corner, you've got the Republican Candidate and DuPage County Recorder of Deeds J.P. "Rick" Carney bashing the Republican Majority Leader that he will serve with if elected. In the other corner, the Republican State Senator Peter Roskam, Wingnut in waiting, who thinks Tom DeLay is a swell guy. It's a battle at the ballot. A donnybrook in DuPage. The fight for the GOP nomination for IL-06.

Ding! From the Sun Times:
"What I read in the paper, whether it's correct or not, just seems to be an embarrassment for the Republican Party," said former DuPage County Recorder of Deeds J.P. "Rick" Carney. "To stay in his leadership position seems arrogant to me."

But state Sen. Peter Roskam, who worked for DeLay 20 years ago, voiced support.

"Trotting out some of ... these old accusations that are two and three and four years old is a little bit tiresome," Roskam said. "I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt."
Carney comes out swinging! One Republican bashing the Republican leader in hopes of pandering to the middle. The other Republican shows his true Wingnut colors by siding with a guy who's embroiled in scandal after scandal and charges of ethic violations. Good strategy! Carney keeps up the pace:
Carney portrayed himself as more moderate on issues such as abortion, gun control and gay rights than Roskam, who is positioning himself as the ideological heir of the 16-term conservative icon. Carney even took a poke at Roskam for running in the neighboring 13th Congressional District in 1998.
Wow! Carney is running to the left of Roskam! I'm shocked. We haven't seen that since Reid ran to the right of Kennedy. But Roskam fights back with a quick conference call to the body:
In a conference call from Springfield, Roskam told reporters he did not expect his 1998 run to be a campaign issue because of his "long-standing ties" to the 6th Congressional District.

"It was a great race," Roskam said of the 1998 contest. "I learned a lot, and I think it actually places me at an advantage."
That's right, boys and girls: running a race in IL-13 places Roskam at an advantage in IL-06. After all, he did all that campaigning to raise his name awareness... in the other district!?! But look out, Carey is back with the knockout quote:
"Do we want a congressman to serve the 6th District who is ultra-conservative, or are we going to go in the direction that all America is taking, a more moderate stance?" Carney asked. "I am for freedom. I'm for America being the home of the free."
He's for freedom! America as the home of the free! The crowd goes wild! I wish I thought of that. Now if he would just come out for hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet I'd switch parties right here and now and vote for the guy.

But wait a minute. The referee is informing Mr. Carney that he might want to check with his Republican leadership about that whole America wants "a more moderate stance" business. Seems that's dirty politics to the Republican base, especially the Radical Right of which Mr. DeLay is a leading member.

This could get ugly folks...