Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Dem Bashing DLC in IL-06

Another Democratic candidate for Hyde's congressional seat in IL-06 has now announced his intention to challenge Christine Cegelis in the Democratic primary. What's great about this is the way Peter O'Malley entered the campaign:
“42% was not good enough; it was a moral victory and we can’t have those” said by Jim Reynolds, Vice Chair of the Democratic Party who introduced O’Malley today.
That's right Ms. Cegelis. Nice job you did there holding the fort for us Democrats. Now run along and play.

First, let's get the facts straight here guys. She got 44.2%, not 42%. Don't give me that crap about her benefiting from Kerry and riding the Dem wave. Kerry got around 47%. In 2000 Gore and Nader got the same 47%. But in 2000 Hyde's Democratic challenger only go 41% and spent WAY more money than Cegelis did in 2004. Yet Cegelis got 44.2%. She did better than anyone against Hyde, and she has a better organization and better head start against a no-name GOP candidate this time. Gee, I wonder what would have happened if the DCCC had backed her? Melissa Bean, anyone?

Where was O'Malley and his DLC friends in 2004? Recovering from running for a county board seat - and losing. Now Mr. O'Malley we can't have any more such "moral victories" such as these:
Debra Olson(R) 33,150
John Noel(R) 29,615
Grant Eckhoff(R) 27,873
Peter O'Malley(D) 21,092
From the Sun Times:
O'Malley heaped praise on Cegelis, saying "Christine has done a tremendous job." But he portrayed himself as better able to win in the Republican congressional district.


He declined to discuss his position on guns beyond saying he supports "gun owners' rights" and "reasonable gun safety laws."

"I'm not in a position to get into specifics at this point," he said.
So this is what being better able to win looks like? He doesn't have specifics? Hell, he doesn't even have a donation system set up on his flipping website! Where's his blog? Marching in a bunch of local parades doesn't really constitute an real calendar of events. But he's better able to win?

So what's he got? DLC connections. State Party connections. And he's rich. I'm tired of big money and the good old boy network determining who goes to Washington. From his website:
Peter O'Malley understands that keeping our families safe and secure should always be our ultimate priority. He understands that we live in an increasingly dangerous world, and that the threats to our way of life are many and all too real....
What is this guy? A Republican? This pisses me off. This is why there are NO elected Democrats in DuPage. None. It's time the party supported candidates like Cegelis who have the boots on the ground, an open ear to the Blogosphere, and the organization in place to win.