Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's so easy.

Gee, getting one of those Day Passes to be a reporter in the White House Pres Corps. must be easy. After all, they gave one to a guy with no real journalism experience. A guy who wrote for a questionable GOP website. A guy who was basically a male escort with a couple gay porn sites registered to his name. A guy who didn't even use his real name! Yet this same guy got to ask the president a question and was called on regularly! That's setting the bar pretty low.

So I'm sure anyone could get a day pass just as the White House insists. Anyone but a blogger writing for a political website that is.

The story is all over the blogosphere. I've seen it on MyDD, dKos, and of course Atrios is following the story.

From FishbowlDC:
As we reported earlier this morning, today marked Day One in Fishbowl D.C.'s quest to cover a White House morning "gaggle." The short version? The day passes aren't exactly easy to get. We were smoothly and professionally rejected access by the White House Press Office in under an hour this morning.
Read about Day one here.
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