Monday, March 28, 2005

Club or Spear?

As I've written before, I'm a blog zealot. I can't speak highly enough about blogs and their potential for one's PR and message machine. Their potential in my estimation has not as yet been tapped into.

This story in the CSM discusses how big name politicians are beginning to take blogs seriously, making them one of the primary modes for getting their message out, often at the expense of the MSM. I firmly believe that if done correctly, one's blog will drive one's media coverage.

Here's how: The media is inherently reactive. This means they run with the first story line who's perception hits critical mass. After this, everything is a reaction to this initial perception. Blogs change the initial perception, and if done right, can create the initial perception the media will react to. Control perception and you control reality. Simple in theory. More difficult in practice.

Right now, blogs are often used a club used to beat the other side with brute force attacks on their facts or their tactics. Just as with the evolution of man, blogs are progressing out of this Stone Age approach. As more politicians adopt blogs as the core of their media and PR strategy, blogging will enter its Bronze Age. Just as bronze needed cognitive planning to create and implement, blogs will need to be seen as a tool to be wrought in the formal media plans of a campaign, rather than a tool of convenience picked up along the way to bash one's opponent with, to reach their potential.

Once politicians get this, look out. A spear is a much better weapon than a club.