Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Cegelis on dKos

If you missed it, Christine Cegelis, a grass-roots backed Democratic challenger to Henry Hyde for the US House in IL-06, put up her first post last night on Daily Kos. For a first post, this one was pretty darn good, and made the top of the recommended diaries list for the better part of the night. Here's a snip:
As seasoned political advisor told me, if I wanted to win in 2006 I needed to start in November of 2004.  I took that advice to heart and kept as much of my organization in place as possible to gear up for what is now will most likely be an open seat in 2006. I have been running with a really strong sense of urgency though since there are strong rumors that Henry Hyde will be given an ambassadorship to the Vatican in 2005, kicking off a special election. I do not know if it really will happen, but I would be foolish not to be ready if it did.  So in the next few months we will be running this campaign as if the election is going to happen this summer.  If it does not then we will be just that much stronger in 2006.  There are many who believe that the Sixth District is the best target in Illinois in 2006 for a Democratic seat.
Read the whole thing here.
Read about Christine here.

This is a real pick up opportunity for us Dems in DuPage. Its about time we claim our independence from politics as usual.