Thursday, February 03, 2005

He Was a Bad Guy & Other Lame Reasons

Sadam was a bad guy. Well no shit. I keep having this discussion lately on the blogs with people who buy into the crap about Iraq being a just war because Sadam was a bad guy. We did a good thing because look at the Iraqis voting.

Do you think for a minute that that argument would have garnered enough support to start this war? Bull shit. Congress voted for that war resolution because it was the politically correct thing for spineless Democrats to do at the height of the President's popularity. None of them wanted to look weak or oppose Bush riding high as he stood atop a mass grave with a bull horn and promised to get those responsible. He soon enough forgot that promise, and looked to invade Iraq instead. Spineless politically opportunist Democrats fell right in line.

Those who had objections based them on the talk of mushroom clouds. Mushroom clouds pushed by Bush, Cheny, Condi and the other architects of this atrocity. Mushroom clouds that were rhetoric filled with lies chosen to manipulate the electorate and the congress.

Sadam was a bad man. No shit. So are many others in the world. So are many others who repress, kill, torture and rape their citizens everyday, some of whom are our allies just as Sadam was up until he left the reservation and invaded Quaite. This is not a justification that would have prevailed for war then, and still does not justify Bush's war in a historical view through the retrospectoscope either.

Don't believe me. What about one of the wingnut elite: Sean Hannity. Thanks to "wackyguy" at dKos for Lexus Nexus-ing this quote and many others that contradict the "bad guy" argument, and many other stupid ideas about Bush's war, from one of the Right's very own golden boys:
"Slobodan Milosevic is a bad guy. He's an evil man. Horrible things are happening. I agree with that. Is Bill O'Reilly then saying we go to Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Sudan? Where does this stop? And when you look at sheer numbers, 2,000 -- and I'm not minimizing death. It's horrible. What this man is doing with ethnic cleansing is abhorrent, but sheer numbers -- 2,000 killed in the last year versus hundreds of thousands, millions in some cases in other parts of the world. Are you saying the United States should go to all those places?"- Hannity, on "The O'Reilly Factor," April 5, 1999
If this argument doesn't hold water for Clinton or the Right, than I'm in agreement with it not holding water for Bush either.