Saturday, February 05, 2005

The GOP's Latest Frame: Educated Elite

That's right boys and girls, get an education and you too can be called elite. Go to college and you'll turn into a liberal. Learn about more than just the community you grew up and and you are going to be hugging trees, anti-war, and all for killing babies. Should you try to improve yourself, you too can be labeled into a new and very bad class of people: The Educated Class.

What a load of crap. David Brooks today has published his latest pile entitled "A Short History of Deanism" in which he laments the country's move away from the good old boy culture of the Elk lodge to faceless sponsorship of organizations with their liberal agendas like the Sierra Club. You see, in the Elks, rich and poor mingled together. In the Sierra Club, we liberals plot to overthrow the world and foist our leftist agenda upon all the salt of the earth people we hope to dominate.

It's crap like that that just fuels the divide in America. And that divide is what is required to keep the GOP in power. Never mind that the GOP raised money for their candidates from the ultra rich elite and Howard Dean's campaign raised record amounts for average citizens with average donation for his whole campaign around $100. Never mind that the GOP is business first and fought every civil rights act that benefitted the people. Never mind the facts. Facts are for the Educated Class of elite liberals. They're bad for the country. Best of all, he bases his agument on papers from Harvard, the mothership of his so-called Educated Class!

Here's a short bit that is just astounding:
Since the 1960's there has been a breakdown in the machinery that allowed Americans to work together across class and other divisions. The educated class has come to dominate, and the issues of interest to that class overshadow issues of interest to the less educated and less well off.

But the two major parties were affected unequally. The Republican coalition still contains some cross-class associations, like the N.R.A. and the evangelical churches, which connect corporate elites to the middle classes. The Democratic coalition has fewer organizations like that. Its elite - the urban and university-town elite - has less contact with the less educated.

Not coincidentally, Republicans have a much easier time putting together electoral majorities.
That's right, the GOP is the party of the people. The 1960's was the breakdown of our society. Damn civil rights! Now all the rable can vote! But at least those good old Republicans still reach out across that cultural divide to save the US of A. I'm sure that has nothing to do with their use of deceptive framing, fear mongering, and adept application of mistruth, deception and lies as campaign strategies. None what so ever. I'd guess that's why labor, you know those people who do all the salt of the earth jobs the Educated Class wouldn't deem to do, back Democrats exclusively.

But hey, don't believe me. Just go watch the President's State of the Union again. I'm sure you can find it at C-Span (but that's an Educated Class channel). Look at the GOP. They are the ones that all look alike. They are overwhelmingly white, male, lawyers in dark suits with white shirts. Now that's the diversity that is America! Then look at the Democrats. They are the ones in suits, dresses, multiple colors, different races, with both men and women featured prominently. Obviously this is not the party of the people but of the Educated Class.

Dean is about to be DNC chair and lead the party. Dean is returning the party to local politics and to the people of the nation. He is about empowerment at the local level. This scares the pants off the Privileged Class and Wealthy Elite that is the base of the GOP.

It's about time they're scared.