Monday, February 07, 2005

Expose Their Priorities

So Bush finally has produced some hard numbers, based on fuzzy math, on how he plans to reduce the record deficit he created in his first term. A first term in which he signed each and every spending bill that crossed his desk. In his budget, Bush shows what his priorities, and through the support of GOP legislators, what the priorities of his party are.

The difference in priorities could not be clearer. The GOP value wealth. Democrats value hard work. The GOP value advantage. Democrats value opportunity. The GOP value outward displays of strength in the world. Democrats value real security that begins at home. All these differences should be stated repeatedly in short phrases like this:

As a Democrat, I believe any veteran who has fought on foreign soil and known real fear should not know a co-pay.

As a Democrat, I believe that the strongest national defense begins with the education of our children.

As a Democrat, I believe we should not add funding for law enforcement on foreign soil while cutting funding for law enforcement at home.

As a Democrat, I believe that an ownership society means one is on one's own until one realized that we are indeed our brother's keepers.

As a Democrat, I believe we are not a nation of individuals striving to get rich, but a community striving to better our world.

As a Democrat, I believe labor creates more opportunities for capital than capital creates opportunities for labor.

As a Democrat, I believe hard work and playing by the rules should be rewarded with opportunity.

As a Democrat, I believe that in a world based increasingly on technology, technical and vocation education are essential.

As a Democrat, I believe an honest budget includes all planned expenses, not just those spent outside Iraq.

As a Democrat, I believe health care for children is more important than tax cuts for millionaires.

As a Democrat, I believe that Social Security is a promise that must be kept, not something to be gambled with.

I'm sure there are more. The difference between us and them could not be more stark. I only hope the Democratic leadership highlights the differences as a good opposition party should.