Saturday, February 12, 2005

Chairman Dean

I must say, it was a happy moment as I watched on C-Span the election of Gov. Howard Dean as the new Chairman of the DNC. This is significant in many ways, most of which surround the reasons the majority of us who supported Dean in the primaries thought he was the best man to lead the nation. He is authentic. He stands for all Americans. He tells the truth. All these qualities will serve him and our party well now that he leads it.

The GOP didn't want this. The status quo Democrats, like Lieberman, didn't want this. Dean represents a driving force that will give the party back to the people. This is a threat to those in power. As long as we are ignorant, they can rule. Dean refuses to allow us to remain ignorant any longer. As such, those in the GOP will open up with both barrels on him, probably starting tomorrow on the Sunday talking bobble head shows. We must watch Dean's back, and close ranks in support of him.

One way we in the Blogosphere can do this is through showing our support with our wallet. Please consider donating NOW to the DNC in support of electing Howard Dean to the chairmanship. The form below will is linked through Act Blue to a Blogosphere wide donation effort in Howard's support:

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Go Dean. Go Democrats. This is a wonderful day.