Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ya Make Me Proud

Alberto Gonzales was approved and sent to the full Senate today. But in this defeat, we have been given something to be proud about. All eight of the Democrats on this judiciary committee voted no. No defectors. No capitulation. No false bi-partisanship. No breaking ranks.

To the following Senators, I salute you:

Biden (DE)
Durbin (IL)
Feingold (WI)
Feinstein (CA)
Kennedy (MA)
Kohl (WI)
Leahy (VT)
Schumer (NY)

This is what an opposition party looks like. Leaders make statements like this:
"Judge Gonzales has championed policies that are in fundamental conflict with decades of our laws, sound military practice, international law and human rights."

"We have a torture problem. The FBI says so. The Red Cross says so... Additional allegations of abuse are being reported on a daily basis. Yet Mr. Gonzales can't remember any details of how it happened."
And more like this:
"It's hard to be a straight shooter when you're a blind loyalist."

"Even voting against him [Gonzales], he's a significant improvement over the attorney general we have there now."

"[being] less polarizing than John Ashcroft is not enough to get my vote."
So now the debate moves to the Senate floor. This man tried to legalize torture, place the President above the law, and blew off the Geneva Conventions. All this will be noted when the opposition continues on the Senate floor, as highlighted by none other than the minority leader himself:
Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid:
"I think that a man who gave the legal advice to the president to allow this to take place is someone that deserves to be talked about on the Senate floor."
I'm proud that at least some Democrats have finally found the backbone to stand up and talk.