Sunday, January 02, 2005

If it Ain't Broke

Social Security is gearing up to be another run up to war. You know, the GOP is out there screaming that Social Security is broke and needs to be fixed. They're certain of it. Completely. Just like Iraq had WMD. They knew where they were. The argument is too familiar. "There's a crisis!" they scream, as they try to quickly help all those nice friendly Wall Street brokers make nice commissions through their privatization ponzi scheme.

Bottom line: Social Security is health and successful, and will remain so for at least another 37 years even if we do nothing to it. Solvency, by the way, keeps getting further into the future as well. For example, in 1996 Social Security was solvent until 2030. Nine years later, it's now good for another 12 years, until 2042.

I was going to round up some stories to back up this truth that GW and the boys are trying to obfuscate through a furious PR campaign - just like with Iraq. But why do the work when someone already has done it for me. There's more link here, thanks to Bob Brigham, than you'll have time to read in the next few days.

WMD or Social Security. They're feeding you the same line all over again. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice...