Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Fighting Time

So I'm reading Kid Oakland's diary Time to Fight at dKos and I'm thinking I've been ready for a while now. I and half the Blogosphere have been lamenting Kerry's lack of fight, the lack of fight against Blackwell in Ohio, the lack of fight from the Fainthearted Faction among our own leaders.

Time to fight? No kidding.

So I posted my natural response in question form (edited here for, ah, language issues):
How do we get our guys to start standing up? When to we start putting targets on the backs of those who don't? Where's the list?

Fighting is great. Fighting without a coordinated plan is stupid. Just look at Iraq.

Where's the plan? I've been ready to fight for a while. I've got that on my blog. What I want is a coordinated effort. There is no crisis is great, even if it does just negate a GOP frame in it's title. I want more of this. I want something that everyone of us can do.

And can do today.

Something simple. Something coordinated. Something that has an economy of scale and leverages the Blogosphere in a great big loud ass visible way that makes people in the fainthearted faction go "oh shit" and makes Rove stay awake at night. I want action you can see in the SCLM. I want people to rue the day they wrote us off as a bunch of tin foil conspiracy theorists. I want shock and awe. I want a display of our resolve that gives people nightmares. I want to quit letting the other side define who we are and what we will do next. I want my flag, my country and my party back.

And I want it now.
So shortly after I find the list of targets over at MyDD, thanks to Chris Bowers' insane work habits. Then I get an email from a Dean for Illinois leader I know directing me to this post:
Late last week, Gov. Dean specifically asked his supporters to write their state's own Democratic Party chairmen/women and ask for their support. He also specifically (please note) asked that we NOT write/call other DNC voting delegates in other states, or other delegates in our own state, unless we specifically know or are a constituent of that person (your local party committeeman, for example).

In our case the chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois (and the man who holds most of the votes from this state) is IL House Speaker Michael Madigan.

SO...please start right now, right after reading this. Write a short, hand-written note telling him "here's how I'm personally involved now, and Dean's why, and he has energized state and local groups across the country, and you should support him for Party chair" notes (or words to that effect), to:

Hon. Michael Madigan, Chairman
Democratic Party of Illinois
PO Box 518, Springfield, IL 62705
Now I'm not stupid. Madigan is Mr. Status-Quo-Party-Machine-Guy. I wouldn't call him a reformer. I doubt he's one of those who is about to jump for joy at Howard Dean reforming the party either. He's also screwing over teachers by trying to eliminate or scale back their ERO and retirement incentives. But you know what? I said I wanted to give some party leaders a nudge in the ribs and say "Hey, we're still here and we aren't going away!" I can't think of a better guy to give a bit of a nudge to right now.

So, you ready to fight? Fighting starts at home for the heart of our party. Fighting doesn't mean being loud or disrespectful either. It starts by getting heard. And ladies and gentlemen it's time to start making ourselves heard.

So if you live in Illionis get out that pen today and send Mr. Madigan a short letter telling him about how politically aware you are now, and how you too are looking for the party to reform itself. Since he's the state party chair, reform starts with his vote for DNC chair.

And one more thing. Mr. Madigan: We're not going to blindly be the party's ATM anymore either.

Nudge, nudge...