Friday, January 14, 2005

Buy Blue v2.0

I don't know why they had to redo their list. I hear rumors certain businesses didn't seem to like being called out for supporting the GOP. I guess these businesses wanted to keep their support of the GOP a secret. Too bad. So sad. Secret is out of the bag.

That's right boys and girls: Buy Blue is back with two new lists and hand dandy little dots (graphic hint guys: they could be bigger) that tell you at a glance just how blue a company is. You can look up a company by name here, or you can look up the bluest or reddest companies here.

I first wrote about changing my holiday spending here. I'd guess that their list helped me to move over $400 away from GOP supporting businesses that I normally would have shopped at this holiday season. It didn't take any extra time. It actually saved me money as I was able to get my saw on sale for less than I would have spent at Home Depot. And best of all I supported businesses that support the political party I support.

Buy Blue. Support those who support Democrats.