Friday, January 14, 2005

AOB: America OnBush

I got my feet wet in the big bad Internet way back in 1995 thanks to AOL. Then I realized that my feet were really in AOL's backwater, not the actual Internet at all. So I moved on and became more knowledgeable about the net. I'd guess I'm up to about a 16-year old's level now.

Whatever I thought of AOL's service then, I love AOL's new free virus protection ad campaign. You've probably seen it. It's the one with the guy saying in an underwhelming voice "I'd like my hard drive to fry like a cheese stick." I love it so much I'd like to see some enterprising video student rip it off and start an America OnBush campaign. Just imagine the script:
"I'd like to have my civil rights repressed." NY-GOP convention protestor in handcuffs

"I'd like my government to start a war based on lies." Rural farmer on tractor

"I'd like tax cuts for America's wealthiest instead of healthcare for America's kids." Working mom at grocery store with kid in cart

Voiceover: "Millions of Americans are just asking for government corruption because the Bush administration is not as honest or trustworthy as they think it is. That's why America OnBush is giving away billions of taxpayer dollars to the most influential Americans to keep them thinking that way."

"I'd like Social Security reform that gambles my retirement savings in the Stock Market." Mechanic working on car

"I'd like energy company executives to write America's energy guidelines." Executive in cab on cell phone

"I'd like my vote not to count." Black man in long line at an Ohio precinct.

Voiceover: America OnBush. Who wants a better government.
Can't you see it? What's your best "I'd like..." line for this administration?