Friday, December 31, 2004

When Disaster Strikes: Send Your Brother

Boy that ranch must be something. Not even a natural disaster or world scale can tear Bush away from his vacation down on the ranch with no animals that's still somehow a ranch. Instead, Bush is doing what all responsible world leaders do: he's sending his brother:

The decision to send Mr. Powell and Governor Bush, President Bush's brother, was seen by administration officials as likely to help defuse whatever hurt feelings there might be in Asia that the president was slow to respond, at least compared with how quickly many other nations reacted to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Administration officials also said a diplomatic payoff might also grow out of the current crisis, if disaster relief efforts encourage cooperation in areas of Indonesia and Sri Lanka with long-running separatist insurgencies.

Gotta love this administration. The president is slow to respond, so he seeks to smooth things over by sending his brother. What's next, a tour of the devastaion by his mother or father? Well, at least his father was a president. Heck, why not just give a TV appearance, live from the ranch of course, that would be broadcast all over the affected region. So what if they don't have homes, let alone TVs to watch. It's good PR.

Yes, the diplomatic payoff should be grand indeed. Help for those affected? It still stands at $35 million. Boy that Mr. Bush sure prefers action to words.