Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Blogosphere and the DNC Chair

One discussion I get into frequently on the various blogs I post on regards what 'we" should do about the future of the party. I always try to bring to people's minds that even though I - and probably most of you reading this - believe blogs are key to the future of the Democratic party, "we" are not the party leadership. If anything, unfortunately, the blogosphere represents a minority within the party.

We are vocal because of the very nature of blogs. We get that a blog is a natural way to reach out and communicate with one's constituency. The party leadership? The don't get it. To them we are a mailing list of potential donors.

Kid Oakland over at dKos hits it on the head with his post tonight. Here's a snip:
It's not simply that the heads of Democratic Congressional delegations have seen fit to nominate an anti-choice, "concede before we've begun to fight" on Social Security Democrat...it's that in doing so they've proven to me that they have nothing whatsoever to do with our lives.

And when I say our lives I don't mean some kind of cheesy media version of us netizens.  Anyone who did GOTV this fall knows who we are....we're the folks who give a sh*t...the ones with extra coffee cups rolling around in the back of our cars...the ones getting up in the early AM to bus to PA or NV or Ohio...the ones who show up...and there's something in each of our personal stories that makes us politically active, that makes us fight.  

And you can't really get much taken for granted than we are.  It's as if the 500,000 strong march in protest of the Republican National Convention was made up of ghosts...a ghost march of families, the old and the young...of voices peacefully raised up against Bush and his war...marching through the center of our largest city as if we didn't exist.
I would agree, with the exception of the three reform candidates out there - Dean, Rosenburg and Fowler - the DNC, using Kid Oakland's words, "doesn't know who we are, much less what we think and who we are fighting for."

Jerome at MyDD has been all over this issue with his cattle calls and discussion of DNC candidates. In his post today "Concerning Dean & the DNC," Jerome ends it with a passage that I feel hits the nail on the head:
I do believe that we the people bought this party, and that we own it; but that doesn't mean we get to run it. To do that, we've got to win it over. And I believe that will happen in February, but if it doesn't, it's a public vote, and accountability at the state level will begin. Regardless of what Pelosi or Reid or the ASDC or the DGA desire, the Democratic Party is going to be radically reformed to represent the people- from the bottom clear to the top.
This boys and girls is what it comes down to for me. We need to retake the party because our leaders don't know us and don't care to. We in the blogosphere do not run the party - yet. But there seems to be a consensus building in the blogosphere on how the party should be run. A 50-state strategy, support for candidates at all levels, and taking over the party from within all seem to be favored. Hmm, I wonder where I've heard that before...