Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Who Has the Power?

I think this is a good idea from BriVT at MyDD:
Here's the idea. Bloggers and others should shut off the DNC money spigot right now. Take down all links, encourage people not to give to the DNC, just cut it off for a period of time. That probably wouldn't have a huge effect because I doubt many people are giving now, but I could be wrong. But meanwhile, there should be a strong fund-raising push (say, first week of December) for Democracy for America, with Tom McMahon aware of it ahead of time. Just flood the zone with appeals to give to "the most visible Democratic grass-roots organization out there." People are pretty desperate for something to do, and I think a pitch for a new organization might have a real effect.

If this is successful, it'd show where the real future is for the Democratic Party, where the money will be coming from. And it would also show that we, the grassroots, ARE NOT TO BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED! We won't just fall into line when the establishment candidate wins. We did it this election, but it was a special case, and you can't count on on-going support if you don't listen to us. We have other places to put our money.
As he notes, there probably isn't a lot of donations happening right now, but the precident might be nice to set. Especially if Dean where to throw his hat into the ring and then announce a "Send Howard to the DNC" Bat or something like this.