Monday, November 01, 2004

Republicans Know.

Republicans know. Gone are the smirks and the quick sarcastic jabs. The laughing "flip-flopper" comments have ended long ago. The brazen machismo, the swagger, the dismissive eye rolls are all history now. Talk to a Bush supporter and listen to the desperation in their tone, the question in their voice, the fear in their increasingly petty attacks. They know.

Kerry is going to win.

Even the flagship, the mouth piece of the GOP, the chief propaganda arm of the right, Fox News has Kerry up in it's polls. Actually, most of the polls show Kerry either leading or with the momentum.

Bush is making his last stop in Dallas. No not Des Moines. Not Detroit. Not Palm Beach. Not Madison. Dallas. Yes, that Dallas, in the heart of Texas. In the heart of what was supposed to be solid, rabid, unadulterated Bush country. What's that? There's congressional races in which the Republicans are not doing as well as they thought? In Texas? Kind of has the whiff of desperation, that does. If such a trivial can chance upon such a rabid Bush stronghold, then be afraid, my republican Republican brothers and sisters.

Even with them screwing with the ballots, arresting journalists covering early voting, and electronic voting machines supporting Bush, Florida is still trending Kerry. Don't believe me? Go read Fox News were today they put it at Kerry 49% to Bush at 44%. No kidding!

They know. The first stage of grief is denial. All the Bush supporters I know, and I am outnumbered by them, are in the full throws of denial. Next on our stages of grief comes Anger, which should rear it's ugly head around Wednesday morning for the GOP. Watch the outrage they will pour out for the rest of this week about all those.. those...those... minorities who the democrats registered in record numbers made sure they voted. The nerve!

No boys and girls, it won't be because of minorities. It will be because of Americans. It will be Americans who will vote this year in record numbers. Americans who will vote their conscience, not what the pollsters, the talking heads, or the "So Called Liberal Media" told them to vote. Americans who will vote for inclusion rather than division, openness rather than secrecy, and the rule of law rather than the laws of the ruling. It will be Americans who will vote to restore an America based on the true moral authority that asks that we be on God's side, not he on ours.

It won't be minorities. It won't be independents. It won't be the "Security Moms", "NASCAR Dads", or the youth vote. Americans will elect John Kerry. Even the Republicans know this.