Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My Election 2004 Insights

Basically, I'm in need of a vacation mentally from this for a while. The idea that Bush would win, let alone with a majority, creates a cognitive dissonance on a level that is difficult to deal with. So, here's what I've been able to figure out in the stupor of the day after:

- We really are a minority.
This has really come to light in many discussions I've had with people I thought I knew, yet were supporting Bush. When they say we needed to invade Iraq for our security, what they really mean is as Americans we have the God given right to take what we want and kick anyone's ass who gets in our way. When they say they are for family values, what they mean is that fags are inferior and deserve to be ridiculed, and that this is only a Christian nation. When they say Jesus has saved them, they are certain of of their salvation, yet despite his teachings the poor and weak deserve none of their hard earned incomes, especially if it comes through government assistance, as the poor are basically lazy and have earned the hardships of a life they may have been born into. People want what is best for the world, just not in their back yard or on their block, and not if they or their kids have to fight and die for it.

- The Democratic party is in need of fundamental change.
I'm amazed at how organized the GOP is; how on message they are; how adept they are at their use of language; and how unified they are regardless of what outrageous statement - racist, outright lie, inept - one of their candidate's might say. Delay could call the sky green, mercury good for children, and blacks inferior intellectually, and the whole GOP would line up to explain it all away. They would say that he meant the sky was so beautiful as to be seen differently by different people, blacks should be viewed proudly as role models for their sports prowess, and children have boundless imagination. They would line up and say these exact lines, every time, from every GOP office holder. It's not that I think we should mimic their distortions or racial prejudice. But we could learn about circling the wagons and staying on message - let alone not shooting one of our own in the back. I won't forget what our own side did to Howard Dean.

- Polls are worthless.
I remember Iowa and Dean. I remember Zogby predicting Kerry. I remember Gallup over sampling Republicans. From now on, I'm not wasting time on polls anymore. There are much better uses of my time. The only polls that count are on election day. All the rest are a waste of time.

I'm sure there will be more revelations. But who the hell cares what I think anyway. I'm just one of a minority in this country.