Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

I've been taking a week off, but thought I'd drop in for a quick post. I'm thankful for many things. For the sake of brevity (and to spare you all the dreary details), I'll limit my thanks to the political realm:

- I'm thankful for Dean for American. It's changed my life and awakened an interest I didn't realize would consume my life.
- I'm thankful for all the people I've met and worked with through the primaries and the general election.
- I'm thankful for how this election, regardless of result, has brought me closer together with my neighbors.
- I'm thankful only one of my nearby neighbors is a wingnut yet many are reform minded Democrats like me.
- I'm thankful I was able to help several local and national candidates who needed my design skills.
- I'm thankful I found C-Span, the Blogosphere, and new reads like The Hill, Washington Monthly, and the New Yorker.
- I'm thankful that there is a real grass roots movement to reform the Democratic Party.
- I'm thankful my wife understands my addiction to blogs and C-Span.
- I'm thankful Obama is my senator and not Joe Lieberman.

So what are you thankful for politically?