Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Who Says Little Guys Can't Win?

Yesterday I wrote about a bunch of local candidates and the devestation they are reaping on the county GOP party. It's true for all of them that this campaign is going to be an uphill battle. But the tide may be shifting. Yesterday, Hiram Wurf, candidate for DuPage County Board, District 5, was endorsed by one of the big guys: Illinois Lt. Governor Pat Quinn endorsed his candidacy. In a press conference, Quinn endorsed all the DuPage candidates and further highlighting Wurf, recommending his weblog as a source of local information.

Today, Wurf Offers DuPage Board "Seven Steps To OpenGovernment." From the release:
In the last six months the Board has discussed making government more open in DuPage. On June 15, Board member Brien Sheahan advocated putting much more information on the county website, and in a budget address yesterday Chair Robert Schillerstrom said the county would expand online services. Schillerstrom has previously said: "We can always provide more information to the public, and I think it improves their trust in the integrity of government."

Wurf responded, "That sounds great - but what has taken them so long to act? They have talked about putting up County Board minutes and votes at least since summer - something they should have done years ago. Just last month they were found to have violated the Illinois Open Meetings Act which doesn't inspire much confidence in their current approach to 'Open Government.' Clearly the board needs help, since they don't practice, and are not used to Open Government.
With the right turn out and continued hard campaigning, this is one race where the little guy might come out on top. Read more about Hiram's Seven Stepts at Hiram's site, and while you're there, toss him a buck or two.