Friday, October 08, 2004


From the NY Times:
"This is a weak number, no matter how you cut it," said the chief economist at Morgan Stanley, Stephen S. Roach, adding that private sector jobs are up "an average of only 65,000" over the past three months. "That's a pathetic pace of job creation by corporate America."

From CNN:
September job growth weaker
Gain slows from August, misses economists' forecasts; jobless rate holds at 5.4%.

From Yahoo:
September Job Growth Weaker Than Forecast

From Fox News:
Sept. Job Growth Weaker Than Expected. In a mixed report Friday, the government said the unemployment rate held steady at 5.4 percent in September, but businesses added only 96,000 jobs — far fewer than the 148,000 expected.

Just repeat after me: The economy is getting better, the economy is getting better…. (Oh, and by the way, 5.4% unemployment is still way above the 4.2% it was when Bush took office.)