Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A Little Help Please.

I just received an email from Mike Kisler, candidate for DuPage County Coroner, and all around volunteermister for our county Democratic party. We have some local candidates who have really given the county GOP ticket some heart burn, and cost them dearly to defend local offices that were never in play before.

But our county Democratic party HQ is lacking a wee bit. As Mike notes:
Great news! We are going to have over 200 pollwatchers plus 30 volunteer attorneys, out in the field on election day! Given the DuPage Polling Place "irregularities" that were documented in 2002, I suspect they will be quite busy.

But that poses a problem. These field personnel will be calling in reports all day to the Dem Hq. in Lombard. We only have three phone lines in that office, which are already not enough some times. Given the number of "normal" calls made and received on election day, these "Field Report" calls are more than we can handle.

But the County Party can't afford any more phone lines. They are stretched to the limit as it is, helping the candidates get elected. So, I'm asking each of you ta make a SMALL donation, (Even $5 or $10 would help!) to help us pay for three additional phone lines.

This money needs to remain seperate, so please make your checks payable to "Democratic Party of DuPage County", but mail them to ME at the address below.(Please write "Phone Lines" on the memo line of your check) We will sit down when the bill comes, apply your donations, and then I will have to make up the difference out of my own pocket, so all help is appreciated.

Mail your checks to:
Mike Kisler
P.O. Box 2575
Darien, IL 60561
I've worked with Mike both on Dean stuff and designing his campaign logo, so I know he's legit. I've checked with him about publishing this as well. The Elections Commission is aware of the arrangement. Any help anyone could give, even five dollars would be appreciated.

Registration note: DuPage has a record 526,599 registrations, with 21,000 since September 1st. Three phone lines aren't going to cut it.