Sunday, October 17, 2004

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Cheat.

Well, they did it. Some bastard swiped my Kerry yard sign. They left my Cegelis and Freeman signs, left the wire frame, but took the Kerry sign. Idiots. Is that what the election comes down to? I can't display on my own property my own candidate whom I endorse? How dare they think they can come on to my property and commit a crime in an effort to silence me and my views. Typical Republican tactic. If you can't win with overwhelming money and deceptive ads, then resort to illegal activity.

Just in case the moran or some idiot like him is reading, I put up another sign as soon as I noticed it was missing. I've got lots more signs. I will replace the sign taken from my neighbor as well. You just went out in the middle of the night, in really crappy cold windy weather, trespassed on my and my neighbor's property, then committed a crime by stealing my property, and for what? So I could replace the sign within hours. Next time you'll be on night vision video.

This small theft is symptomatic of the Republican agenda for this election. They can't win fairly. They have to cheat. Don't believe me? Here's just a few examples: It's wholesale voter fraud the GOP is after. Jeb Bush has been caught lying in Florida. The RNC is funding a company that tears up Democratic voter registrations in several states. And the leading manufacturer of electronic voting machines, run by GOP supporters, are open to easy abuse and fraud.

The Republicans can't win fairly. They must cheat the system. Don't let this election be a repeat of 2000.