Thursday, October 21, 2004

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Cheat: Part II

That's right, it sequal night around here. In case you've missed it, it seems that sample ballot that is being distributed to the masses in IL-06, Heny Hyde's current district, seem to have a bit of an error:

What's that? Right under where it says "Vote for one" there is only one: Henry Hyde. I seem to remember a certain democratic challenger named Christine Cegelis. Call me silly, but shouldn't she be on this ballot next to Henry Hyde (instead of under state senate candidates where they put here). I mean, she did win her primary. The DuPage County Election Commission should have noticed this. She is running an active campaign. The DuPage County Election Commission has her on file. So what gives? From the Cegelis blog:
“I cannot believe that with all of the problems with the election in 2000, that the DuPage Election Commission does not triple-check their work. I thought that this would be a fair election, I was wrong,” Cegelis stated upon seeing the sample ballot imprinted with the “Legal Notice” on it.

She continued, “This was not an honest mistake. Considering I won the Primary Election, I cannot believe that anyone at the DuPage County Election Commission did not know that I was running against Henry Hyde. This does not give me any confidence in DuPage County’s ability to hold a fair election.”

“This is an obvious ploy to disenfranchise and confuse the electorate. I am appalled that Bob Saar would even consider signing off on a sample ballot that is so erroneous,” Democratic Party of DuPage County Chair Gayl Ferraro commented.

Upon hearing about the error, Lt. Governor Pat Quinn stated that, “The DuPage County Election Commission has a solemn duty to conduct elections with competence and without bias.”

“It is imperative that this board immediately rectify the blunder it has committed in describing the sixth congressional district race,” Quinn said.
The Commission on the other hand doesn't think so. Reprinting the whole sample would cost too much. They just want to redo the one page. That way it's easier to lose.

If you can't beat 'em, cheat.