Sunday, October 31, 2004

I thought Polls Didn't Call Cell Phones?

Well, now they do, thanks to Zogby International in partnership with Rock the Vote. Remember how all the talking heads dismiss this little detail, instead relying on polling methods that were fixed on people with only land lines? Remember how the blogosphere is always citing how many people under 30 don't even have land lines anymore? Zogby proved us right:

Among 18-29 year-old likey voters, MoE 1.2%:
Kerry 55%
Bush 40%
Nader 1.6%

Now the talking heads will have to remind us that this age group doesn't vote. Zogby has something to say about that in this poll as well:
The poll also found that only 2.3% of 18-29 year-old respondents said they did not plan to vote, and another .5% who were not sure if they would.  The results of the survey are weighted for region, gender, and political party. 
A poll of mobile phones using text messaging. It's about time polls caught up to the real world. And good news for Kerry as well.