Monday, October 18, 2004

Blogosphere Strikes Back

Remember Sinclair Broadcasting Group? You know, that nice bunch of non-partisan right-wing Bush supporters who just happen to own the TV stations that nearly 25% of all Americans watch. Remember, the broadcasting company that was going to run the (wink) news program (wink) highlighting Kerry's traitorous ways and treasonous protesting of the war in Viet Nam - prempting their regulary broadcasting to do so. Sure, you remember those guys.

Well wouldn't you know it. Some damn liberals on the internet got their panties in a bunch and started writing Sinclair's advertisers and investment groups selling their stock. Well, the nerve. It seems, even though Sinclair is going through with the broadcast of the propaganda, err, news programs right before the election to influence, err, educate voters, the company's stock seems to have taken a hit. Now I'm sure a 7.8% decline in value is probably just a small hick-up, what with our volitile markets and all. I couldn't have been those damn liberals. But that graph sure seems to show a downward trend.

Too bad all those nice stock holders are taking a hit since they've chosen to hold on to their Sinclair stock. Maybe they don't have to take a hit. Maybe some of them, like the damn liberal stock holders, might want to choose this opportune moment to call their broker. Just a thought...