Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Attack D'Jour?

So, what's it going to be tonight boys and girls? Will Bush paint Kerry a "tax and spend" Democrat? Will he bring out the "L" word and call him a Liberal - again and again and again? Maybe we'll get some more code words like Dred Scott for Roe v. Wade again. Maybe Bush will bring the big guns to bear, going for extra bonus attack points by combining various attack lines and call Kerry a tax and spend Massachusetts Liberal flip-flopper. Now that would take skill.

The third debate is critical. As Zogby puts it:
The two candidates go into the third and final debate tied. TIED!!! There is no major sub-group movement to report, but the undecided voters give us the real key to what is happening behind the scenes. Today's three-day track reveals that only 11% of the undecided voters feel that President Bush deserves to be re-elected. That is the lowest figure yet. Two in five -- 40%-- feel it is time for someone new and 49% are undecided about his future.
Only 11% believe Bush should be re-elected. I think Bush better try for the extra bonus attack points. After all, that's all he's got left.